Pasture Perfect Premium Beef

A northern Colorado family farm bringing you quality beef, locally grown at an affordable price.

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Our Story

Why We Farm

We've been farming since 1993 on a 3rd generation family farm. Our family has been tied to the agriculture community in northern Colorado going back over 100 years. Farming is in our blood. On the farm, we learn stewardship, work ethics, and environmental responsibility. We have learned proper animal husbandry and treat our animals as a priority. We, as farmers, intend to pass on our ethics from generation to generation. We believe being raised on a farm is a great way to raise a family.

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Our Beef

From Pierce, Colorado To You

Here at Pasture Perfect Premium Beef we are proud to provide you with the best quality possible. We offer you our top quality beef by starting with superior genetics, and focusing on nutrition and handling practices from day one. Our cattle are grazed on pastures throughout the year while being supplemented with homegrown nutritious feed. Our finishing touch includes feed grown here on the farm and organic apple cider vinegar. Our grains are what provide our superior marbling within our meats and outstanding flavor. We stand out because we put in the effort to make a difference for you.


See For yourself

At Pasture Perfect Premium Beef we believe tasting is believing.

We specialize in beef that stands apart from everything else on the market. Our beef consistently grades prime. We know that our beef has the marbling, tenderness and flavor to set us apart. We believe in our product so much we would like the opportunity to prove it to you. Please inquire below to be sent some free samples.

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What's your BEEF?

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